welcom to the yes students board

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welcom to the yes students board

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:12 pm

Finally The yes student board

-This board is for both previous yes students and new yes students and those who want to become yes students.

-It will help keep all yemen Yes students in touch and keep them updated with news and help them in many ways

-you can post anything you want from questions, stories .pictures, problems, difficulties, or any issue that ur facing and ask other people to help you.

-important applications and papers that will help u apply for important evvents in the united states.

I recomend for everyone to register and join the website and put thier real names and emails so that everyone can stay in touch and would easily be contacted.

Mohammed f. Alhadhrami is the adinstrator of the website and will maintain the website and if you have any questions regarding the regestration contact me at 733371333

to join the website click on register at the top menu and then verify via e_mail to confirm

Thank you and hope u enjoy ur year in the united states


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