some more of ma notes..

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some more of ma notes..

Post by Reem on Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:08 am

Why am I alone is this why I am liven
Rased to be strong and alwys given
I need 2 stop now cause am looken 4 care
Please donít get me wrong aint looken 4 an afair
Its hard 2 exprase wht 2 feel so just guess
How a lady like me can go throw a lot of mess

Every one goes on and on
No one stops 2 look down and check wht they own
People in ma age need just some guide
Donít think we are fine like tht its not simple its wide
Parents what is it with u
Money aint running away
Just sadel down a bit and pray
For the childern you hav 2 be fine
Happy and satisfid and shine
Nothen is going to be easy
But why does work maks u so far and buzy

What kills me is tht ur worken 4 us
But 2be honest with u we want u 4 us
Its hard 2 tell u this cause you build the wall already
Now its 2 late we need 2 go throw this and study
2 be able 2 do abit from wht u did of us
you are in side ma heart and kinda like a bus
Which keeps me going on with out stoping
And i donít wanna disapoint u or say some thing shocking

Like am broke inside which I am
Trying 2 smile and hide ma harm
I know tht seeing me happy makes u happy
And I wish I can be happy
Cause there r wounderful ppl in ma life
Thanx ma god and ma dadis wife
Parents plz open you eyes
And see wht we can be and how wise
Just a lil push will make us winn twice
Our life and world
And we will thank and pray for the lord
And after all and tht we lov u and donít even think
Cause we can see your lov for us with a blink..

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Re: some more of ma notes..

Post by RAZOR on Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:32 pm



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