Spacetel Yemen integrated into MTN

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Spacetel Yemen integrated into MTN

Post by RAZOR on Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:58 am

Spacetel Yemen integrated into MTN

Spacetel Yemen has been integrated into MTN, the largest telecommunications company in the Middle East and South Africa, the company announced at a press conference last Tuesday at the Taj Sheba Hotel. Spacetel began operating in Yemen in February 2001, as part of investment group for communications, in order to become the leader in this field, said Read Ahmed, the executive chairman of the company.

MTN is a multinational telecommunication group that began operations in South Africa 12 years ago. It has expanded its footprint to cover 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East—and now in Yemen. MTN is committed to making a significant and real contribution to the economics of the territories in which it operates. MTN has more than 31.5 million subscribers across is operations, as of the last quarter of 2006, said Ahmed. “We are proud of our great achievements in the last six years, full of success and adventures,” said Walid Akkaoui, chief marketing officer.

“For six years we give our customers the first ever service of its kind in the GSM and telecommunication world.” Now, Spacetel has created tremendous change in the history of Yemen by bringing one of the biggest investors in the Middle East and Africa to Yemen, said Akkaoui. MTN also made a great offer to acquire Investcom LLC for $5.5 billion, with Spacetel part of the acquisition. Together, the two companies operate in 21 countries and serve 28 million subscribers. MTN plans to sponsor the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa with $65 million.

Akkaoui said that the focus will be on preserving the success of the new product MTN, because it is a great event to integrate with an international company that believes in our previous success over the last six years. At the end of the press conference, the media men were able to ask related questions to the integrating process, market share, pricing, competition and the future plans of the new company.


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