UNDP plans $80 million in development projects

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UNDP plans $80 million in development projects Empty UNDP plans $80 million in development projects

Post by RAZOR on Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:04 am

UNDP plans $80 million in development projects
The Sana’a-based United Nations Development Program has agreed to support the development program in Yemen with about $80 million over the next five years. The plan of action for 2007-2011 was signed Sunday April 1 in Sana’a by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Abdul-Karim Ismail al-Arhabi, and Flavia Pansieri, UNDP Resident Representative.

The programs that UNDP plans to support include the economic development plan for poverty reduction and the millennium development goals (MDGs). According to a UNDP statement, the programs will mainly focus on democratic governance, pro-poor economic growth, and equal access to social services, regardless of gender. In terms of good governance, the UNDP said it would support Yemen to create an independent body to protect and promote human rights, in place of the current state-run Ministry of Human Rights.

“The UNDP will continue to support human rights through advocacy, capacity building and support for the possible establishment of an independent Human Rights Commission,” the statement said. “It will also focus on supporting electoral systems and processes to enhance national capacities and improve effectiveness and transparency. The current activities in decentralization [of government] will be continued and expanded over time to new districts and governorates.”

As the poverty reduction is a key millennium goal, the UNDP will support national efforts to eradicate poverty through various activities in support of sustainable and equitable management of natural resources, including water resources and disaster management, said the statement. The UNDP will also work to promote inclusive financial services, providing access to micro-finance and promoting an open investment environment. The program also promised to work harder, in collaboration with the Yemenis, to empower Yemeni women politically, economically and socially.

“To speed up economic growth, the untapped potential and contributions of women need to be unleashed. This is why the Yemeni government and UNDP have given priority to these issues in their respective plans. UNDP will work in a close coordination with the Yemeni government to empower women’s participation in political, economic and social fields,” said the statement. Furthermore, youth and women will be helped to improve their marketable skills and assist in small business development.

In terms of social services and healthy lifestyles, the UNDP will also work with the Yemeni government and civil society partners in HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness to increase popular understanding of the threat posed by this disease and to improve provision of prevention and treatment services. An important aspect of this work will be encouraging people to be free from stereotypes and stigmas, said the statement. In all its programs, UNDP stresses the importance of a strong partnership with the national authorities and other essential partners.

Participation and consultations with civil society, the private sector and community leaders will be a recurrent feature. In particular, UNDP will direct its programs to increasingly impact rural areas, and to benefit youth and women in particular.

The UNDP and the government will be monitoring and evaluation structures and mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that goals and targets are reached, concluded the statement. These programs form part of the United Nations Development Assessment Framework, which provides a comprehensive framework of operation for all United Nations system activities in the country.


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