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Economy & Business Opportunity

Invest your money in Aden Free Zone !! Over $800 millions are already invested.
Yemen does provide opportunities to foreign companies. With a need to increase agricultural production and improve erosion control, farming equipment is needed. Fishing equipment producers will also find a market in Yemen, as the government seeks to capitalize on its natural resources. As one of the leading producers of oil and gas equipment, U.S. producers should be able to market products in Yemen. Finally, the tourism sector is slated for dramatic growth as the government tries to capitalize on Yemen's attractions. Numerous resorts, hotels and restaurants could be in the works.

With the successful start-up of the Aden Free Zone Development program, Aden will occupy once again a leading role in international trade, transportation and global distribution.
The Port of Aden in one of the world's greatest natural harbors and is geographically strategically located at the crossroads of the Red and Arabian Seas with direct access to the Indian Ocean.
The Aden Free Zone will provide an international gateway to business opportunities in three continents – Asia, Europe, and Africa – and access to regional market of over 1 Billion people in Middle East, East Africa and the Indian sub-continent. Moreover, the development of modern transportation facilities and general infrastructure in Aden will spur new regional trade and business opportunities and economic growth.
Investment Environment:

After the unification on 22nd May, 1990 and the Republic of Yemen was established, many unified laws have been formed. Among them a unified law for investment ( law No 22 for the year 1991), which was issued on the 10th April, 1991. The said law contains (10) sections, (3) chapters and (85) articles. This law states in Article (1) of section (one) a designation to promote and regulate the investment of Yemeni, Arab and foreign capital subject to the provision of the law (investment law), within the context of public state policy and the goals and priorities of the economic and social development plan in the following sectors:-

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Industry ( excluding prospecting for the extra oil, gas and minerals which are granted by special agreements).

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Agriculture and livestock resources including pisciculture and fishing.

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Education and technical and vocational training

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Construction and housing
Any other economic activity specified by Deputy of the Council of Ministers upon a proposal by the board of Directors of the Authority (and here is the General Investment Authority which has been established later, its head office located in Sana'a and its branches in all main governarates).

Through Section (2) of the law which deals with Goals and Benefits Accorded Projects article (A) states that State shall guarantee Yemeni, Arab and Foreign investors’ freedom to invest in Investment Policy in accordance with the provision of the law. And article (3) confirms that Arab and foreign Capital and Arab and Foreign Investors shall be at par with Yemeni Capital and Yemeni Investors without discrimination with respect to the rights, obligations, rules and procedures set forth in this law and the decrees and regulations enacted in execution thereof.
Exemption from compulsory price regulations and profit limiting is given to all projects products as per article (12) subject to the project not creating or indulging in monopolistic practices or trying to fix prices in overt or implicit agreement with other producers or vendors of similar products and services, but item (b) of the same article in cases of necessity, The council of ministers may enact compulsory price regulation in any of the following commodities, guided by the economic loss thereof:

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Flour and bread

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
Milk and infant food stuff

Economy & Business Opportunity Acorbul1
We have to highlight nationalizing projects in the law then we have to refer to item (a) of article (13) which says; Projects may not be nationalized or seized. Moreover their funds may not be blocked, Confiscated, frozen, withheld or sequestered by other than the courts of law and item (b) of the same article states that all or part of project real estate may not be expropriated save for the public wealth according to the law and against fair compensation on the basis of the market price of such real estate. In cases where the Invested funds, subject of such action, are foreign funds, such compensations may be freely transferred abroad regardless of any law or decree providing otherwise.


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