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Post by Reem on Sun Jun 03, 2007 5:30 pm

People everywhere trying to brake us up
Why dont they let us dream and never wake us up

They mostly care about our outer side
But what about wht we feel in our innerside

Why do we have to live and hide
Who we love and want 2 gide

Why do we have to act, and not to be who we are
Why to withstand all this we need to smoke weed and tar

Instead of living happy we distury our souls
We become evil and doing things wrong is our own goals

Going throw some messe, grows everyday
And if we go back to god and pray
We messe again and distroy who we are

Talking about mistaks ,solutions is wht it takes
Nevermind about what i write or feel,No one cares
so it aint a big deal...
Huge pain in everyone of us seems will never heal...

(ama) write the rest l8ter...
By Reem...

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