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Misunderstanding.... Empty Misunderstanding....

Post by Reem on Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:13 am

Some times a person feels disopinted or sad or ungry for a spacific reason tht no one knows about but him ,let me giv u an example some(a) one who has been liven in a big lie and he bielved tht he could be with some one(b) then he finds out tht the other person(b) don’t wanna be with him and it all has been a misunderstood…
Person A (Lady) says:

You are ma hop and future
I bielve in this coz I know ur nature
With you is every dream come true

I can see u changen day after day
And becoming like a damging ray
Was is all just ma imagination
Am confused and its hard 2 gain inspiration
How could this happened 2 me I never knew
tht u looked at all this wid a different view
I was overcome ba thoughts which were wrong
And a great lyrics and a lil song
Which I thought was 4 me but I relaized
They wasn’t 4 me and I compremized
To be easy with this and 2 move on
Yet every thing tht could hav happened is gone
And I am not gonna blame a person tht will never gain
A true love cause he leaves it with lying
With out relizen tht people feelings ait saved from dyen

Person(b) the (man) simple says…

Hey slow down with wht you say
I didn’t promise u ani thn which I hav 2 obay

writen Ba Reem....

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Misunderstanding.... Empty Re: Misunderstanding....

Post by RAZOR on Mon Apr 09, 2007 3:18 am

good job i rely like it and it can be explained by many ways it is realy a mystry but still nice thanks for posting it


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