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Sana'a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen Sana'a, is an ancient walled city of 6,500 houses and more than 100 mosques, and is a living museum of traditional styles
Sana'a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen Sana'a, is an ancient walled city of 6,500 houses and more than 100 mosques, and is a living museum of traditional styles
Sana'a, Yemen in Assab'en Street. Memorial of the September 26,1962 revolution. Photo by Aymx
Sana'a, Yemen in Assab'en Street. Memorial of the September 26,1962 revolution.
High-rise architecture at Shibam, Wadi Hadramawt
High-rise architecture at Shibam, Wadi Hadramawt
A non-operational old church in Aden.
A non-operational old church in Aden.
To celebrate a marriage, men dance with jambias drawn
To celebrate a marriage, men dance with jambias drawn
A Yemeni boy selling Jambiyas on the street of Ta'izz, Yemen.
A Yemeni boy selling Jambiyas on the street of Ta'izz, Yemen.
Moahmmed Alhadhrami

Sulatan palace at Sayun town. Yemen.

Small cave at south coast of Socotra (Suqutra) island. Yemen.

Sand dunes at south coast of Socotra (Suqutra) island. Yemen.

Endemic tree Dragon's blood (Dracaena cinnabari) at Dixam Plateau. Socotra (Suqutra) island. Yemen.

Thilla (Thula) village at the night. Yemen.

Houses at old quarter of Sana capitol. Yemen.

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Aden Governorate
Aden City is where commercial activity proceeds from dawn to dawn … with its boisterous Gulf, its fair mountains, impenetrable fortresses and pleasant coast welcomes its visitors every day – as a free port – by sea and air round the clock
Taiz Governorate
Lies to the north west of the Yemeni Republic bordered from north by the two govemorates of Hudaida and Ibb and from the north east Al Daleh govemorate, from south - east.with Lahj Governorate and from the west the Red Sea. Its capital city is Taiz, 256 from the capital Sana’ to the west.
Hodeidah Governorate
Historically, Hodeidah governorate was known by the name of “Tehama of Yemen” due to its location on the coastal plains of Tehama extended along the Red Sea coasts. It is characterized by its hot climate and calm winds. According to the ancient language of the Yemeni scriptures, Tehama was mentioned as “Tod”the Mountain.
Hadramout Governorate
Hadramout governorate lies in the eastern part of Yemen between Al-Mahra governorate from east and Shabwa governorate from west and extends north in side Al-Ruba Al khali desert, the southern coasts overlook the Arab sea, Al-Mukalla the capital is 777km from Sana’a across Marib-Attaq-Al-Mukalla paved road.
Shabwa Governorate
Located within the geographic zone historically known as Yemen east between Ma’rib and Hadramout governorates, it comprises areas of different relieves, plains, mounts and deserts extending north towards Al Rub’ Al khali Desert and long coasts on the Arab sea
Al-Mahweet Governorate
The Governorate of Al-Mahweet is deemed to be one of the most fascinating areas for natural landscape views, due to the multitude of its water springs and streams.
Hajjah Governorate
The Governorate of Hajjah is situated 127 northwest of the Capital City of Sana'a
 Abyan Governorate
The Governorate of Abyan Governorate is bounded by the Governorates of Aden, Al-Dhali'a, Al-Beidha and Shabwa. It has a long coastline that extends for 300 km, which yields fish of the finest quality. The climate of Abyan Governorate is moderate in the winter and hot in the summer.
Marib Governorate
This governorate was named after the name of the well-known city of Marib, the Capital of the Sabaean Kingdom in the ancient times. It involves the most outstanding symbols of the ancient Yemeni civilization, which flourished mainly in the first millennium BC. The new city of Marib the capital of the province lies at a distance of 172 km to the east of Sana’a.
Tourism in Yemen
Vacations in Southern ArabiaMany tourists head to Yemen for many reasons. The main one is because Yemen has a long history that has been known for thousands years ago. Hundreds of civilizations have taken place in Yemen. Other tourists enjoy the Yemeni culture. People in Yemen are friendly and the Yemeni culture is interesting for many tourists. Some people like exploring Yemen; it's mountains, valleys, deserts, tribes, beaches, and cities. Some tourists love shopping in the Yemeni market, they find exotic items and lovely antiques. They also enjoy the bargaining there; whereas, other like to go for a walk in the downtown and have some chat with the people. Most of the people in Yemen are friendly and easy to make friendship with. If you are interested you can check with us about the tour packages we offer for vacations in Yemen.

Business Opportunities in Aden Free Zoon

Invest your money in Aden Free Zone !! Over $800 million is already invested.

Yemen does provide opportunities to foreign companies. With a need to increase agricultural production and improve erosion control, farming equipment is needed. Fishing equipment producers will also find a market in Yemen, as the government seeks to capitalize on its natural resources. As one of the leading producers of oil and gas equipment, U.S. producers should be able to market products in Yemen. Finally, the tourism sector is slated for dramatic growth as the government tries to capitalize on Yemen's attractions. Numerous resorts, hotels and restaurants could be in the works.
With the successful start-up of the Aden Free Zone Development program, Aden will occupy once again a leading role in international trade, transportation and global distribution.
The Port of Aden in one of the world's greatest natural harbors and is geographically strategically located at the crossroads of the Red and Arabian Seas with direct access to the Indian Ocean.
The Aden Free Zone will provide an international gateway to business opportunities in three continents – Asia, Europe, and Africa – and access to regional market of over 1 Billion people in Middle East, East Africa and the Indian sub-continent. Moreover, the development of modern transportation facilities and general infrastructure in Aden will spur new regional trade and business opportunities and economic growth.
Gateway to Yemen Electronic Project
The Ministry of Communication has recently revealed new plans aiming at the development of the internet services in Yemen, as well as the establishment of the ‘Gateway’ project. Sources at the Ministry said the project would be the first step in the establishment of the e-government in Yemen through using up-to-date information technology, newest ideas, standards, techniques, styles and establishing data processing network.
The USD 1 million project is expected to provide high speeds and other features.
In this regard, a symposium was held in Sana'a titled "Takeoff towards E-Government" in which a number of specialists and experts participated and discussed the essential technical methods to establish the Yemeni Gateway for internet and to establish information network connected to the international network.
During the symposium participants reviewed the project and its objectives, constituents, characteristics as well as its accomplished phases and horizon developments. The participants mapped out the strategic outline of the projects to be accomplished immediately, taking into consideration making of the project a success.
The project will be operated through 25 sites in Yemen and will also connect subscribers to the international internet networks through telephone lines. For the first time, the Ministry of Communication will implement this project not for profitable purposes but for providing better services for subscribers. Within the framework of this objective, the project will also provide universities and academic institutions with all the requirements needed to make advantage of this technology. The network will also provide Arabic information exchange, which facilitates transferring information among networks at the regional and international level.
Discover the Arabian heritage,
 Do you know that Yemen has one of the most conservative cultures in the World. Modesty and Humbleness are dignified.
Yemen is rich with art and humanities due to the richness of the Yemeni culture.
People value their lives and give it the pleasure it needs. Therefore, many tourists enjoy their visit to Yemen and plan to come on a regular basis. Yemeni people have the potential to start to break the ice. It may effend some but this is the Yemeni culture. People are humans and they cannot live by themselves. They share. People are to be friends.
People in Yemen may seem to have a different reactions. However, these reactions what made many people come again and enjoy that type of people. People who does not care if it rains or not, they care if it's going to night so everyone has to leave. They will spend time together and enjoy their being together.

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Famous 'rock palace' Dar al-Hajar at Wadi Dhahr. Yemen. Socotran Desert Rose (Adenium obesum sokotranum). Dixam Plateau. Socotra (Suqutra) island. Yemen. 


Hoq Cave at Socotra (Suqutra) island. Yemen. Entrance gate to the mountain village Kawkaban. Yemen. 


Sulatan palace at Sayun town. Yemen. Al-Muhdar mosque at Tarim town. Its minaret with 40 meters height is highest at Yemen. Wadi Hadramawt area. Yemen.


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