livestock emport and export new approval

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livestock emport and export new approval

Post by RAZOR on Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:57 am

Mokha to house regional center for livestock

The new center will approve livestock for import and re-export.A regional center for livestock trade will soon be established in Mokha, as a joint Yemeni and Saudi venture, under supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, said Ali al-Kohlani, director-general of the Yemeni Economic Corporation. Yemeni and Saudi investors will contribute approximately $11 million to the project, which will be formally announced during the coming weeks.

The project aims to import and re-export livestock after undergoing examinations and testing in order to be in conformity with international standards and those of the Gulf Cooperation Council, he said. The regional center consists of barns and stables for receiving livestock, and collecting and checking samples from them, as well as other important equipment.

Al-Kohlani also announced that the corporation has plans for rehabilitating and developing the Marib Poultry Company, once it comes under the control of the corporation, according to a decision announced by the Yemeni government. The corporation will rehabilitate the company to pull it out of its current economic crisis, and it will contribute to increasing its production to meet local market needs.


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